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"Working with Niha was a pivotal moment for me. I was at a career crossroads, feeling "stuck" amidst common challenges faced by many South Asian females: the submissive vs. "dragon lady" dilemma, the pressure to maintain perfection, and the value of staying quiet and letting hard work speak. Niha provided tools and frameworks to transform these obstacles into strengths. With her coaching, I've shifted the narrative, harnessed my power, and thrived in leadership, expanding my scope while reducing stress. Niha's insights into South Asian culture and her ability to uncover underlying issues have been invaluable. Thanks to her guidance, I've earned another promotion. Niha's coaching has been truly transformative."
Niha Wunnawa's client Preeti-Chinnan
Preeti C.
Director, Google Legal
"In a recent collaboration with Niha regarding the status of my new business venture amidst unprecedented global challenges, she proved to be an exceptional and patient coach. Her focused listening and thought-provoking inquiries guided our discussions, leading to insightful suggestions and actionable solutions. Niha's professional demeanor and attentive listening created a safe space for open dialogue on challenging topics, swiftly identifying my concerns and offering pertinent solutions. I highly endorse her coaching approach, characterized by professionalism and attentive listening."​
Swati J.
"Having Niha as a coach is like having a partner, so I feel supported instead of stuck on an island alone. I highly recommend Niha to any professional who feels unsure about what their next best move is, feels overwhelmed, stressed or out of control. You need the accountability of a strong, effective coach like Niha. I truly believe investing in coaching is one of the keys to my success."
Jessica B.
Founder & CEO
"Niha's gift of insight and approachability is unparalleled. She believes in the person you are and the one you are trying to improve. Her unique ability to motivate and inspire helps you harness your own strength and shed self-doubt as you grow and gain. She is someone I trust and whose insight I value greatly. A fantastic person and a gifted coach"
Andi S.
"Niha has such a gift for responding in the moment and offering tangible solutions that make a huge difference. I started coaching with her in the middle of a big career transition and she helped me separate my emotions from the facts, identify and articulate my goals and break down the necessary steps to moving the needle forward. Niha’s coaching is succinct yet powerful, and she truly has a gift for helping leaders push past barriers and make positive change."
Ronda R.
Director, Medical Sales
"My sessions with Niha have been invaluable. She is an empathetic listener who also knows how to ask the hard questions. In a few short sessions, she has guided me to see a new perspective on an issue that was troubling me personally. I have applied this view to so many aspects of my life, ranging from collaborations with my co-workers, to my marriage, and all my relationships in between. The positive effect it has had on so many occasions has been surreal. She has allowed me to evaluate challenges differently so that I can be more confident and optimistic at work and at home."
Cathy P.
International Managing Editor, Medical Journal
"Collaborating with Niha has truly been transformative for me, both personally and professionally. Through her coaching, I've gained a profound perspective that has brought clarity and purpose to every facet of my life. Niha's guidance equips you with the insight, foresight, and confidence to set ambitious goals, and then empowers you with the motivation and direction to achieve them. I cannot speak highly enough of Niha's character and coaching prowess. Undoubtedly, working with her has redefined my path, and I wholeheartedly endorse her to anyone seeking professional coaching."
Brett D.
Vice President
"I've had the opportunity to collaborate with Niha as a coach, and I wholeheartedly endorse her. She possesses the ability to assist individuals in clarifying their goals, overcoming obstacles, and inspiring them to maintain commitment to those goals. Niha's sincere yet positive and enjoyable approach made our discussions both productive and gratifying. Thank you, Niha!"
Ryan M.
"The journey of retraining my brain and shifting my mindset from how I was taught to think to how I should be thinking in order to maximize my potential was not an overnight process. It took time for the concept to truly sink in and for me to be open to letting the process unfold. While reflecting back, it now seems like a straightforward realizations, but during the coaching process, there were moments of uncertainty and confusion. Having a trusted sounding board, which was you, played a significant role in keeping me on track. Although I could identify problems, knowing how to tactfully address them effectively was a skill I lacked prior to coaching. Your guidance reassured me that it's acceptable to be a woman with emotions and taught me how to channel them in more productive ways. This included navigating through situations where stereotypes about women being overly emotional or reactive arose, instilling in me the confidence to handle such situations consistently and effectively. Things are going great. The company is growing. And I have an equity stake in the organization. I’m well-respected and it’s only growing. People I meet have noticed the impact and change as well.."
Marissa B.
Partner at F. Wealth Management
"At the Women in Oral Surgery conference, I met you during a talk that stirred up unresolved emotions, particularly regarding the difficult path I endured to get here. This experience left me feeling paralyzed with indecision even years later, fearing a repeat of past mistreatment. However, with your guidance, I found the courage to pursue my aspirations with boldness and confidence, aiming to achieve respect in the workplace, pursue further education, and start a family. Thanks to your support, I now have faith that things will work out, and I am grateful to be in a better place personally and professionally. Update: I'm thrilled to share that I have been accepted into surgery residency!"
Dalal A.
Clinical Instructor at New York University

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