Niha's Program Is Customized for Your Results 

Niha brings her extensive background working with CEOs and C-Suite executives in large organizations to this unique coaching experience.

 Niha is an expert at teaching the skills it takes to

be an influential leader and a strong communicator 

who get things done. 

Niha is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of a private medical practice, an entrepreneur, and a senior member on the Board of Directors for a dynamic organization - each entity and team she developed from the ground up.


She knows what it is to take risks, create new possibilities, and launch bold ideas for results.  

She's been in the Board Room with the top leaders executing strategic initiatives for operational success. 


Through this program, she will share what she has learned with you. 

You will no longer feel like you are trying to figure it out alone.

You can share what is really going on without fear in a neutral and completely confidential space.

On the front end, Niha works with you to identify immediate steps so you can increase productivity and focus action where it has greatest impact.

Through a personalized assessment, you and Niha will develop an action plan for where you want to go and specific steps to get there.


You will start right where you are. It is indeed the perfect place to launch.

Through this program you will finally:

  • Get more done than ever before and do the best work of your life.

  • Systematically uncover and remove what gets in the way of your results. 

  • Notice a foundational shift and relief from overwhelm, uncertainty, and pressure creating a clear path to your goals.

  • Catalyze permanent enthusiasm.

  • Know exactly what to work on every day to get what you want.

  • Use your talent, gifts, and education to improve your organization, community, and make your mark on the world for years to come.

  • Learn specific strategies and tools to create your results.

  • Feel the excitement and enthusiasm you before an awesome vacation - every day - by being captivated and engaged in work that inspires you

You won't need to escape your life.

And when you do get away, you will no longer dread getting back to work.

And that's just what you experience on the front end.

On the back end, Niha will take you through a specialized, tailored process to address what gets in the way of your goals - identifying the internal obstacles you don't even know exist. 


We are often too close to an issue to see the blind spots alone.

That is where a coach steps in.

Coaching is like nothing else and is a strategic weapon to career advancement. Coaching has grown in popularity during the past decade helping successful leaders and companies attain results

and stay ahead.

We will create a plan for your career that aligns with your core values and desires. 

You worked hard to get where you are and deserve to enjoy the benefits.

Suddenly that promotion, that next level role, that intriguing big initiative is within your reach. It is yours for the taking.

You will have a clear plan to get there and a confident new perspective.

The great news is this program is FUN.

Let's be honest, it has to be fun to be

permanent and inspiring.

Find out more by scheduling a complimentary call to learn more about Niha's simple approach.


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