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Niha Wunnava

I created this leadership coaching program to redefine modern, inclusive success. Old ways of working too hard and feeling stressed are outdated and unnecessary.
I teach my clients a new set of evidence-based tools and strategies that improve performance permanently for the rest of their careers.
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I created and executed strategic plans tied to front-end operations and financial goals.
I teach leaders how to speak and influence with more authority and clarity.
You can lead large teams at the highest levels in a simple and doable way with less stress.

This is elegant leadership and impeccable execution by design.

It's your turn for results

What My Clients Say

“Having Niha as a coach is like having a partner, so I feel supported instead of stuck on an island alone. I highly recommend Niha to any professional who feels unsure about what their next best move is, feels overwhelmed, stressed or out of control. You need the accountability of a strong, effective coach like Niha. I truly believe investing in coaching is one of the keys to my success.”

- CEO and Founder
“Niha’s gift of insight and approachability is unparalleled. She believes in the person you are and the one you are trying to improve. Her unique ability to motivate and inspire helps you harness your own strength and shed self-doubt as you grow and gain. She is someone I trust and whose insight I value greatly. A fantastic person and a gifted coach”
- MD, Duke Health
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My gift to you

​Control your success by focusing on your custom 5-year leadership goal.

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