Meet Niha

Niha Wunnava, MHSA, FACHE is an engaging coach and leader who creates a space of trust. Her communication process is open and direct to uncover the heart of what clients are seeking to attain - and what it takes to achieve it. She coaches high-achieving professionals, such as senior executives, physicians, attorneys, and leaders at Amazon, Apple, and Google.


Her coaching methodology is results-oriented. Above all, Niha is committed to integrity, transformation, and making it fun and revitalizing. This process is extraordinary. Niha works with universities across the country to develop unique programs to build the skills of future leaders - so they can learn how to make world impact at the start.

She is passionate about the power of coaching for building a professional and personal life that they are inspired to live.

She holds an Honors Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Ohio State University and a Masters in Health Services Administration from the University of Michigan. She and her family live in vibrant Durham, NC.

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