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2X Profitability in Half the time.

Leadership Strategy & Executive Coaching for CEOs and Executives to 2X profitability in half the time. 


This solution is for CEOs and Executives from start-up to scaling, including JDs, MDs, & PhDs seeking an Executive jumpstart.


Gain every tip, strategy, and secret I learned working directly with CEOs since the beginning of my career 20 years ago on the Executive fast track. 

Be a self-assured, profitable CEO or C-Level Executive in 12 weeks with confidence and skill to solve anything – and win. 

Don’t push to exhaustion, work 60-80 hours a week or get triggered by any colleague, especially when stakes are high. Never sacrifice sleep, your marriage, family time or life while burning out. Instead, be on fire.

Join my 12-week, private, elite 1:1 Executive program for CEOs, Executives, Founders & Entrepreneurs 45-minutes per week via Zoom to 2X your profitability in 1/2 the time. 

Build a company and system that surpasses the standard without feeling under pressure. Overcome the biggest profit problems in 90 days to scale without stress. 

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Program Deliverables & Outcomes

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You deserve exemplary success as a leader. It’s about the right CEO skills, strategy, and mindset for results you want.

Working together

Increase the ROI on Yourself

Sharpen Your Mind &
Build Executive Presence & Influence.
Be Confident, Healthy & Strong CEO.

Achieve Measurable Results

Get 2X Profit Skills that guarantee success by design, not default.

Coaching privately with Niha, you achieve results quicker than any other talent development modality.

Accomplish 3X more each day and time for anything.

Be influential where it counts without working longer.

Build highly accountable and high performing team.

Create strong partnership with key stakeholders.

Implement a strong system to scale.

Track key profit drivers and KPIs so you always stay ahead.

A Proven Methodology That Works

The 2X Profit Process


Be a Profitable CEO Who Gets Healthy Returns

Master the elements for powerful, effective CEO & Executive leadership – an art & science.


Build A Trusted Dream Team

Successful, high impact companies are led by expert teams who get along, resolve conflict quickly, communicate well, and take action. Hire and Inspire the Best.


Create a Results-Centered System That Scale and Supports You

Paint a clear, vivid picture of success and measure it well. Never leave anything to chance.


Know Why Things Aren’t Getting Done – The Heat Map System

Keep tabs on system strain, conflict and low performance through Heat Mapping and solve proactively.


Infuse “Positive Leadership” Into the System – Start with YOU

Infuse positive leadership and energy into yourself, the Executive Team, and system for a healthy, flourishing culture. 


Execute Impeccably – Reverse Engineer 2X Profit in 1/2 Time

Deliver results impeccably with the right plan, skill and implementation.

Set up optimal information flow Monday-Friday in half the time through Accountable Executive Cadences.

Check out the Results

What Clients Are Saying

“Having Niha as a coach is like having a partner, so I feel supported instead of stuck on an island alone. I highly recommend Niha to any leader who feels unsure about their next best move feels overwhelmed, stressed or out of control. You need the accountability of a strong, effective coach like Niha. I truly believe investing in coaching is one of the keys to my success.”

- CEO and Founder, Health & Wellness Brand
“Niha’s gift of insight and approachability is unparalleled. She believes in the person you are and the one you are trying to improve. Her unique ability to motivate and inspire helps you harness your own strength and shed self-doubt as you grow and gain. She is someone I trust and whose insight I value greatly. A fantastic person and a gifted coach”
- MD, Duke Health
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