Leadership for High-Achieving Professionals Who Want to
Do More in LESS time  - with joy.

Leadership is not about how many hours you spend on the golf course.

Or the hours you burn up at the office or at the computer tethered to your company.

You do not have to be an extrovert or the loudest voice to be an outstanding leader.

It's about knowing exactly what to do and taking action for results that matter most.

It's about self-confidence to go after what you want and what you believe is right - while inspiring and leading the best team around the most important goals.

I work with leaders and decision-makers across business, medicine, science, and technology who want to be the BEST at what they do - without trading their life for work. 

Hello, I'm Niha.

I created Leadership 2.0 Accelerator to redefine how work is done. Old ways don't work and new, agile leaders must claim their seat with a NEW SET OF TOOLS THAT CHANGE THE GAME.

I believe brilliant leaders must protect your greatest asset - your BRAIN and HOW you think.

You will create the best solutions faster with the brightest, diverse talent when you do it this way.

With no apologies.

For years, I supported and was mentored by the best.

CEO's and CFO's in healthcare and industry who invested in me.

I know what it is like inside the Board Room and what it takes to influence and execute decisions that count.


I was promoted in less than a year each time and was a key contributor inside the C-Suite.

I want to share what I learned with the best leaders who want the edge without working around the clock.

Change-makers. Ballers. Shot callers.

You can do more in less time so you can live a life you design.

It's time for a powerful, modern approach to leadership that turns things right-side up

- finally and creates generational impact from the inside.

New voices and different perspectives create better solutions.

Take your seat at the table and make things happen.


Increase your effectiveness to:



This program is results-focused.  ​

You will master the following in as little time as possible because time is your MOST valuable resource and

creates a powerful career of purpose. 

Here's  how it is on the other side:

  • Create TIME to identify and complete what is MOST important -  you will learn a process that takes less than 10 minutes a day.

  • Communicate clearly, strongly and effectively around key goals that create results that MATTER. 

  • Plan and prioritize the most important work instead of putting out fires.

  • Operate from a place of calm and confidence - that people can sense and respect.

  • Implement simple processes and goal-setting to keep everyone on track, and can be replicated for faster results.


  • Attract optimal talent, opportunities, and projects to you across the industry. 


  • Learn the missing link to performance excellence that gives you control of your life, wellness, and what matters to you.

This is a new approach that simplifies and makes everything easier.

It is the foundation for outstanding, accelerated performance that no one talks about.

Until now. 

You belong here.

You have exactly what it takes- right now.

We build on your strengths, education, and talents in a simple way.

The world needs your brainpower and leadership

more than ever. 

Your performance will accelerate in small, easy steps that add up.

1. Accomplish what matters most - with time to spare.

2. Stay ahead and be a respected thought-leader.

3. Outperform by managing yourself, your boss, and team like an expert.

Here is what you will gain in this program:

  • Accomplish 2 to 3 times more on what matters most - saving over $100k/year in personal efficiency and performance value.

  • Develop laser-like focus on results that count - and gain recognition as a thought-leader.

  • Always know the best approach to tackle complex issues and get it done and taken care of with ease. 

  • Speak up - without worrying what others think to get what you and your team need.

  • Create an action plan to control your career trajectory and priorities. ​​​​

  • Wake up refreshed and enthusiastic - every single day. No more Monday dread or vacation back-log.

High-achievers have ambitions that require a specific leadership-style to match your precise needs.

You will be in control and confident for a lifetime with these new tools and strategies.

This experience gives you what they never teach at school.™ 


It's a totally new way to lead.

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