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I am a Leadership Strategist for Women and People of Color who want to lead their company better, build a powerful culture, and get the right systems for results-centered execution. I am also a certified Deep Dive coach to bring out your emotional best.
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Program Deliverables & Outcomes

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You deserve exemplary success as a leader. It’s about the right CEO skills, strategy, and mindset for results you want.

Working together

Increase the ROI on Yourself

Sharpen Your Mind &
Executive Skills

Learn how to the solve difficult problems, complex decisions, and conflict without hesitation to get to impeccable implementation & execution.

Rise above the weeds and remove bottlenecks by being   a strategic, expert leader by using my 25-Hour Priority Framework.

Never let day-to-day fires or emergencies get results off-track and keep you from what you want to be doing most.

Build Your Executive Presence & Impact.

Think Bigger and Achieve It with
Better Follow-Through.

Know what blocks you to solve it for your and your team. 

Learn how to create the right plan by reverse-engineering, looking ahead and having the right positive inputs and energy.

This is the missing ingredient no one taught you.

Build in High Value Cycles into yourself, the team, company culture, and system.

Be More Fearless & Confident
- Don't Let Fear Rob Big Results.

Take action, even when it is a big leap or new territory, knowing you have that X-Factor everyone wants: the skills, capability and competence to drive success. A Triple Threat.

Neutralize fear and anxiety before it sets it and takes over. Learn to override it using the 3-Step Neutralization Process, to proceed with the courage and right plan for results. 

Model this for your team and get better results personally and professionally.


Achieve Up-Leveled Results

Get success skills no one else teaches to excel. The world needs your ideas and expertise.

Coaching privately with Niha, you achieve results quicker than any other talent development modality.

Accomplish 2 - 3 times more every day - saving countless hours, wasted energy and money. Use the extra time and money for anything that gives you more joy and creativity.

Become an influential thought-leader who gets things done and stay in high-demand.

Create better solutions faster through evidenced-based frameworks and tools that grow with you.

Speak up and take a stand for what you believe without worrying what others think. Be more of your whole self - anywhere you are.

Be in charge of what you make and attract the best opportunities through your reputation.

Feel confident, take pride and be more powerful without micromanaging and doing it all alone.

A Methodology That Works

The Success Process


Be a Powerhouse Leader They Want Leading  – The 360 CEO

Know the basic and advanced elements for powerful, effective CEO & Executive leadership – an art & science.

You’ll be the one they trust and want leading them. Shift away from being in the weeds to being a strategic, expert leader.

Show up like The Boss you want to be.

You’ll assess the your real gaps and gain the right skill and new, stronger thinking and faster problem-solving.


Build an Expert Dream Team – Wherever You Go

Successful, high impact companies are led by expert teams who get along, resolve conflict quickly, and have impeccable communication for action.

You’ll learn to infuse High- Accountability into the weekly system and develop strong relationships.

Your team is your company goldmine and key to peace of mind.

Unblock yourself and your team to go faster together.


Make Results the #1 Focus – Holistic Goal-Setting

You’ll learn to paint a clear, vivid picture of success and measure it well. You’ll Increase accountability and have difficult conversations without avoidance and remove bottlenecks – especially when it is you.

You’ll build a Results Flywheel, by reverse-engineering high quality results for high energy success.

No more “fly-by the seat of your pants” leadership or putting out fires, emergencies or unaddressed issues that burn time and money. 


Always Stay Ahead and Know Why Things Aren’t Getting Done and Solve It – The Heat Map System

You’ll learn how to keep tabs on system strains, conflicts, and low performance. Know your company and Executive team’s Heat Map”– fiery issues that derail goals. 

You’ll also track red flags by planning ahead to always stay strategic. 

Learn how to set up your week to address what’s most pressing, ‘coach up’ your team right where they need it, and correct behaviors before morale takes a hit. 


Infuse the System with “Positive Momentum Leadership” – Start with YOU

Learn how to to fuel yourself  by focusing on progress, not perfection, which zaps energy and 10X results.

Set clear, ambitious goals tied to necessary inputs and focus. You build the skill to pull the right Control Levers and learn the Make Decisions in Advance Process.

Fear, anxiety and stress won’t infect the culture or bottom line. 

Know the Energy Drop Zones and turn it around faster.


Master High-Quality Execution- – 10X Execution Formula

Take better, high quality action with the right plan.

Set up better information flow Monday-Friday.

Build Leadership Cadences: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual touchpoints. 

Use simple metrics and dashboards for Push Button Oversight, to stay on the same page at anytime, anywhere.

There is no reason to chained to your laptop or caught off guard.

Check out the Results

What Clients Are Saying

“Having Niha as a coach is like having a partner, so I feel supported instead of stuck on an island alone. I highly recommend Niha to any leader who feels unsure about their next best move feels overwhelmed, stressed or out of control. You need the accountability of a strong, effective coach like Niha. I truly believe investing in coaching is one of the keys to my success.”

- CEO and Founder, Health & Wellness Brand
“Niha’s gift of insight and approachability is unparalleled. She believes in the person you are and the one you are trying to improve. Her unique ability to motivate and inspire helps you harness your own strength and shed self-doubt as you grow and gain. She is someone I trust and whose insight I value greatly. A fantastic person and a gifted coach”
- MD, Duke Health
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