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Leadership Strategy and 1:1 Private Executive Coaching for CEOs, Executives, and SVPs to 2X profitability in half the time.

Working all hours and overwhelmed? This is the solution for successful, ambitious South Asian Female CEOs & Executives from start-up to scaling. Get a powerful Executive jumpstart as a JD, MD, or PhD in leadership. I specialize in amplifying leaders to make extremely smart moves with new skills – not by working harder or longer. 

Being a CEO or Executive is isolating and never-ending. No, you didn’t bite off more than you can chew. Don’t worry. You’re in the right place. 

This 12-week Executive Accelerator Program gives you the Executive skills, savvy and know how to be respected and valued at the highest levels with the most challenging personalities and players.

 Become the leader everyone loves and build a flourishing, standout company.

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Start Your Transformation Today

Gain every tip, strategy, and secret I learned working directly with CEOs for 20+ years at the beginning of my career. These are must-have skills top Executives need to thrive. This is a one-stop shop to get what you need. 

Avoid burnout. Be on fire. Light it up right now.

Enroll in my 12-week, private, elite 1:1 Executive program for CEOs, Executives, & Founders. 2X your profitability and hit your growth goals and metrics in 1/2 the time. Stop spinning and wasting energy. We’ll meet for 45-minutes a week via Zoom to pinpoint exactly what you need and give you the tools to fix it and implement right there. No extra homework or prep required.

Be a visionary leader and build a standout, wildly successful company with ease and less stress in the next 90 days by working with 1:1 Niha.

Program Deliverables & Outcomes

Book a consultation today to be a Dream CEO or Executive Who Gets 2X Results in 1/2 the time by clicking the button below.

You deserve exemplary success as a leader. It’s about the right CEO skills, strategy, and mindset for the visionary results you want.

Working together

10X the ROI on Yourself

Sharpen Your Mind &
Build Executive Presence, Influence & Profits.
Be a Confident, Healthy & Strong CEO.

Achieve Measurable Results

Get 2X Profit Skills that guarantee success by design, not default.

Coaching privately with Niha, you achieve results quicker than any other talent development modality.

Accomplish for in 1 week than you do in a month with this 360 System.

Build Your Leadership Voice, Authority and Confident Visibility.

Know How to Communicate To Get What You Need and Get Things Done.

Create strong partnerships to scale.

A Methodology Build on Research & Processes That Work

The 2X Profit Process


Be a Profitable CEO or Executive Leader Who Hits Any Target with Confidence 

Build a CEO or Executive Personal Brand who embodies confidence and competence. Master effective CEO & Executive leadership skills – both an art & science.


Build A Trusted Dream Team

Successful, high impact companies are driven by expert teams who get along, resolve conflict quickly, and take 10X action. Be sure you can hire and inspire the best.


Create a Results-Centered System That Scales  To Supports You

Paint a clear, vivid picture of success and measure it well. Never leave anything to chance.


Always Know The Obstacles and Eradicate Them – The Heat Map Strategy

Keep tabs on system strain, conflict and low performance through Heat Mapping and solve proactively.


Infuse “Positive Leadership” Into the System – Starting with YOU

Infuse positive leadership and energy into yourself, the Executive Team, and system for a healthy, flourishing culture. 


Execute Impeccably – Hit 2X Profit in 1/2 Time by Design

Deliver results impeccably with the right plan, skill and implementation.

Set up optimal information flow Monday-Friday in half the time through Accountable Executive Cadences.

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What Clients Are Saying

“Having Niha as a coach is like having a partner, so I feel supported instead of stuck on an island alone. I highly recommend Niha to any leader who feels unsure about their next best move feels overwhelmed, stressed or out of control. You need the accountability of a strong, effective coach like Niha. I truly believe investing in coaching is one of the keys to my success.”

- CEO and Founder, Health & Wellness Brand
“Niha’s gift of insight and approachability is unparalleled. She believes in the person you are and the one you are trying to improve. Her unique ability to motivate and inspire helps you harness your own strength and shed self-doubt as you grow and gain. She is someone I trust and whose insight I value greatly. A fantastic person and a gifted coach”
- MD, Duke Health
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