Welcome to a solution designed exactly for you.

This is leadership coaching
for Director and Executive leaders,
women, and people of color, 

A solution create balanced, happy success -
with less work, less stress and MORE untapped genius.

You create more success and freedom for the rest of your career by working less and using more untapped creativity and talents - and letting go of the rest.

High-level leadership success is not for other "more talented" people you think are "smarter" than you.

There is no such thing.

Leadership is how you approach everything and who you 
become on the way.

You do not have to work long hours away from your family and sacrificing what you value most to be successful.

It is time to change that belief now.

You can go on vacation and disconnect completely while trusting your team to get critical things done well.

Leadership happiness is for everyone, particularly YOU.

Balanced, happy success is about knowing how to use your talents, expertise, and strengths to take action where it counts.

It's about self confidence to get what you want and do what you believe is right -
while inspiring others to do their best resulting in less conflict.

It's about removing obstacles and creating better solutions faster.
You gain time for what you REALLY want.

If you are ready to earn more, work less, and guarantee results on your terms,
this private 1:1 coaching engagement is exactly for you. 

Hello, I'm Niha.

I created Leadership 2.0 Accelerator to redefine modern, inclusive success. Old ways of working too hard and feeling stressed is outdated and unnecessary.


I teach my clients a new set of evidenced-based tools and strategies that improve your performance permanently. 

Brilliant leaders invest in their BRAIN and

HOW they think.

This is exactly what we do together.

You gain confidence and say what you mean with no apologies.

For years, I reported directly to CEOs in multi-million-dollar organizations as a key leader and confidant in the C-Suite.

I learned what they needed and made it happen.


I have over two decades of leadership expertise and  know what it takes to succeed in the Board Room. 

 I was promoted in less than a year again and again due to on-point results and performance.

In my private coaching practice, I offer coaching for women and people of color in leadership to communicate with authority.

This is coaching for change-makers. Ballers. Shot callers.

You can lead large teams at the highest levels and will be more simple and doable this way.

When you approach success this way, your work day ends much earlier because you set it up that way.  

You turn off your computer, put your phone down and go home. 

You go on vacation with no worries and return relaxed because everything is on track for success.

This is masterful leadership by design

It is time to enhance your success and gain balance. 

Women and people of color need to be in the highest level of leadership using their unique genius.

Take your rightful seat at the table.

Coaching together, you invest in yourself to:









This premium coaching program is focused on the BEST results quickly.  ​

We meet weekly to solve your biggest issues and concerns so you have an action plan that works better and faster. 

You will master essential skills quickly - because your time is valuable.

You will gain essential leadership skills:

  • Communicate clearly and with authority in any room, to any audience.

  • Do what is MOST important to your success - in a daily 10-minute process that provides clarity and focus to keep you on track and remove pressure.

  • Get ahead so you are always prepared - instead of putting out fires and feeling behind.

  • Lead with calm and confidence that people sense when you walk in the room.  ​​

  • Motivate and attract optimal talent and opportunities to you for years to come.

  • Learn the missing link to success performance by using your emotions to your advantage - especially negative feelings you avoid, which stands in the way of better results. This is key to the rapid success of this coaching program.

Simplify leadership and create better solutions now.

This program saves you time and missteps that slow you down and create frustration and stress.

These are skills NO ONE ELSE TEACHES and you need to know.


This coaching program is designed for you.

The world needs your ideas and expertise. 

Stake your claim. 


1. Manage your mind and emotions to outperform with ease and work less every day.

2. Own and elevate your career, voice, and visibility by developing your
impact platform. 

3. Take massive action with security, calm, and certainty for bold leadership.

Coaching privately with Niha, you will achieve guaranteed results quickly to transform yourself and your career:

  • Accomplish 2 to 3 times more every single day - saving over $100k/year in efficiency and productivity gains.

  • Develop a new way of performing as a thought-leader.

  • Create the best solutions in less time for any situation with through a simple framework tool.

  • Speak up without worrying what others think to get what you need in every area of your life.

  • Control your career trajectory, earn more money, and attract better roles and positions so you stand out. 

  • Feel confident and powerful in any room with any audience.

High achievers like you deserve a leadership style that elevates your voice and visibility. 

This is how you get it.

This experience gives you what they never teach at school.™ 

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