Leadership Coaching for High-Achievers to
Say What You Mean and Get Things Done
in LESS time - with certainty.

Leadership is not about being on the golf course.

Or endless hours tethered to your company.

It is not just for "extroverts". 

It's about knowing exactly what to do and taking action for results that matter with conviction.

It's about self-confidence to go after what you want and believe is right - and inspiring and leading the best team.

I work with leaders in business, medicine, science, and technology. If you are who wants to speak up without anxiety or doubt and stop holding back on results - this was designed exactly for you.

Hello, I'm Niha.

I created Leadership 2.0 Accelerator to redefine how work is done. Old ways don't work and new, agile leaders must claim their seat with a NEW SET OF TOOLS THAT CHANGE THE GAME.

Brilliant leaders must protect your BRAIN, TIME and HOW you think.

With no apologies.

For years, I reported directly to the CEO of muti-million-dollar organizations as a key influencer and confidant inside the C-Suite.

I have over 2 decades of leadership experience, and I know what it's like in the Board Room. 


I was promoted in less than a year, again and again for on-point results and performance.

In my private coaching practice, I share what it takes for leaders to stand up for their ideas with authority. 

This is for change-makers. Ballers. Shot callers.

You can own the Board Room and show up and lead at the highest level.  You belong in the room.

By communicating with authority and clarity, you get what you need to get things done.

Wrap up and go home with no guilt. 

Including new voices, women, and people of color with different perspectives creates better solutions.

Take your seat at the table and make things happen. 

In this process together, you will:









This program is results focused.  ​

You will master skills quickly because time is invaluable.

Here is how you will perform:

  • Communicate clearly and strongly with authority in any room to any audience.

  • Create TIME to identify and complete what is MOST important - in a daily 10 minute process.

  • Plan, prioritize, and prepare instead of putting out fires.

  • Lead with calm and confidence - that people sense and respect.​​

  • Motivate and attract optimal talent and opportunities to you.

  • Learn the missing link to performance excellence to control of your emotional powerhouse and what matters to you.

This approach simplifies leadership.

It is the foundation that no one talks about.

Until now. Here. With me. 

You belong here.

You have exactly what it takes right now.

No more hiding.

The world needs your ideas and expertise

more than ever. 


1. Manage your mind to outperform with ease.

2. Own and elevate your career, voice, and visibility. 

3. Take massive action with security, calm, and certainty.

Here is what you will gain in this program:

  • Accomplish 2 to 3 times more where it matters most - saving over $100k/year in efficiency gains.

  • Develop laser-like focus on results as a thought-leader.

  • Know the best approach to complex issues with ease.

  • Speak up - without worrying what others think to get what you need.

  • Control your career trajectory and priorities. ​​​​

  • Anxiety and nervousness will not run the show in the Board room.

High achievers deserve a leadership style to that elevates your voice and visibility. 

This is it.

This experience gives you what they never teach at school.™ 

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